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Contract with America

File this poem I wrote in the ’90s under “The more things change…” I wrote, published, and performed in a number of different odd places in the ’80s and ’90s but I’m especially proud that thanks to my friend Robert Herzog, this ended up posted on a bulletin board at Malcolm X College here in Chicago. A poem that doesn’t get torn down or defaced on a bulletin board is something for a struggling peoples’ poet to be proud of… with due respect to Rik Mayall, R.I.P.  OK, here’s the damn poem. More of a blurb for a missing manifesto than a poem. Whatever. Reductio Ad Absurdum.


Unplug the public machine.

Keep my golf-cart clean.


Sell war.

Sweat-shops and jail the poor.


March or die.

Don’t cry.


Jesus is our C.E.O.

Let’s go.


In God we Trust.



The bottom line:

I got mine.

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