Post-Game: Tonight’s Dem Debate

Some of my Lake County Dems and MSNBC were very impressed with Kamala. This is my response: She was impressive, but I’m worried that she’s Hillary 2.0. Sends the Dems vs. Trump without the Left, without Independents. Not sure a prosecutor can mobilize those low income inner city voters that like to stay away from elections.

It’s telling that our party has become so corporate and rightwing on the fiscal side that we falsely label bandaid solutions and simple civility as progressive rather than seeking bold systemic change. It’s like some kind of horrible reality game show. “Who Will Be America’s Next Chief Technocrat?”

We need a long view of where we want to go and practical ideas of how to get there. What we’re getting is a lot of platitudes and job interview talking points.

Kamala has a narrative, intelligence, and management skills, but is she a functionary or someone that can build a movement? We need to spark 30 years of consistent social and economic transformation. We need a new scheme that takes out the big bruisers. No offense to Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, but we need more than another system-oriented game management QB at this stage of the game. We need big plays.

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2 responses to “Post-Game: Tonight’s Dem Debate

  • Buzz Fugazi 🌹 (@buzzfugazi)

    How about the big progressive 3 yards and a cloud of dust against socialism play as time expires?


  • Adam Broad 🌹 (@broadcoalition)

    I’m tired of my party choosing the “electable” candidate that loses. The leadership is tone deaf to progressives and independents. Seems we’d rather fight for the status quo than win the election. Losing the election, the party would rather blame criticism and lack of conformity than failed policies. The party rolled over on the insane trillion dollar increase in the bloated defense budget then they say, “where are we going to get the money for a clean energy grid?” or “How can we afford to get rid of needless private insurance bureaucracy?” It seems we’d rather be GOP LITE than the party of working families, the party of labor, the party of ecology, the party of social programs for the public good. That’s not what I signed up for… when I can’t tell the difference between a democrat and Bruce Rauner, that’s a problem.


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