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Johnny Skatepunk knows #ClimateEmergency

I first met John Powell a.k.a. Johnny Skatepunk circa 1984-85 via the underground Carbondale punk rock scene. Places like Airwaves or Cafe Flesh that featured bands like The Hip Chemists, Your Mother’s Lover, Nice Boys From Good Homes, Life Without Art, The Jesus Guys, Blood Stained Tool, and The Coffee Achievers.

Johnny went on to become a scientist and an avid sailor. While the political establishment considers the Bernie Sanders Green New Deal plan to be too radical, Johnny echos a fragment of discouraged scientists that believe it may already be too late to mitigate #ClimateEmergency. He related his personal experiences in Antarctica to his skepticism, though he remains in favor of making the boldest effort possible to save ourselves.

These are iphone videos are from my visit with Johnny while canvassing North Chicago to get on the ballot as part of my run for Congress in IL-10.

#ClimateEmergency #GreenNewDeal

Johnny Skatepunk knows #ClimateEmergency part A
Johnny Skatepunk knows #ClimateEmergency part B

Weekend Campaign Trail Stuff

OctoBERNfest. Old Hideaway. Cary, IL

A lot of rain yesterday. I was in a tent on stage and the crowd was in a food tent across a wide field. I could barely see the faces of the people in the tent and they were mostly eating brats and drinking beer while I started. One of the musical acts setting up, working and talking around me is obvious from the video.

On the plus side, I was able to engage the crowd and had a number of people introduce themselves to me afterwards asking me “What can I do to help your campaign?”

Brad voted correctly on Yemen. We all make mistakes here. Waiting for Brad to admit he made a mistake on Medicare For All and the defense budget. Thanks to our campaign manager Colleen LaVigne who works with Lisa Peck to keep this campaign and this candidate honest.
CB feels the BERN. From apolitical to campaign activist in one campaign cycle.

Your donation pays union printers to help this campaign educate voters about ending the free ride for health insurance CEOs and shareholders who get rich from a system the kills and bankrupts Americans.


Excerpts from Popular Art and The Primal Shout – The Basement Poems 1986-2006

Fun at 2 a.m. yesterday morning while taking a break from editing video.

2 a.m. Facebook Live poetry reading

I mentioned Rodney Jones. I attended creative writing workshops with him and others with Philip St. Clair, who wrote an incredible epic poem Vicksburg. I remember vaguely that one or both of them advised me to let poetry speak for itself and that vast backstory should be unnecessary for a good poem. The same is usually true for good songs, but Facebook is an informal, maybe less than informal, social medium. Also, I do love when Patterson Hood adds narrative to his songs. I hope, at least, my backstory is tolerable. Thanks again to those wonderful oddballs, Facebook friends, and misc. vampires that joined me unscheduled and unpromoted in the early morning hours.

Michael Brennan at the Bughouse Square Debates

Michael got selected over me and a couple of others to argue in favor of Single-payer healthcare. The reject speakers were there to support him. It was not politics as usual nor was it supposed to be. He was armed with dignity and the facts on his side.

Michael Brennan argues for Improved Medicare For All at the Bughouse Debates at Washington Square Park, hosted by the Newberry Library

This year’s Bughouse Debates marked the 100th anniversary of Chicago’s 1919 Race Riots. Much like the death toll of that racist violence 100 years ago or unarmed citizens summarily executed by police today, bad outcomes from our current healthcare system disproportionately harm people of color. The life expectancies in the affluent nearby Streeterville community range decades higher than life expectancy in the low-income African American communities located just 15 miles west or south. Your life expectancy in the United States shouldn’t depend on your skin color or your zip code. Our Constitution calls for the government to provide a common defense and to promote the general welfare. Healthcare is a human right and National health insurance secures that right immediately. A government of the United States that doesn’t secure the rights of its citizens is a failed government.

Adam Broad and Mark Johnson at Washington Square Park for #Bughouse2019 @newberrylibrary Chicago, IL

Thanks to Timi, Ethan, and Joel for volunteering along with Mark. Thanks to everyone that stopped by to purchase a button, T-shirt, or to get on the mailing list for the ISPC.


Coffee Talk With Adam

A preliminary discussion about MESSAGE (Something about Bernie or Bust)

Coffee Talk with Adam – Something about Bernie or Bust.

My wife Lisa is Not running for Congress

Why is it I have to work outside the party to empower low income people, people the system is not working for, people who are being crushed by our health care system?

Editor’s Note: Since the time this blog was posted the Facebook Live video was hacked and pieces of video and audio are missing. It probably makes a little more sense that we’re singing ABBA’s Fernando after I announce that AAA just called and Fernando is coming to tow the car.

…And the way REPUBLICANS sold out their constituents…

got cut off at the end of my comment asking “Are we seeing the same thing with Democrats”

Editor’s Note updated 6/23/19 – After putting out an SOS, the hack/glitch was anonymously resolved. Thanks, Anonymous! – And Now it’s broken again. Effin’ WordPress.

Fun with Facebook Live outside of Cupitol in Evanston. It’s Great To Be Alive!

MEMO FOR Establishment Republicans and Establishment Democrats: Maybe you didn’t get the previous memo. Don’t let the money and status fool you. You are not popular.

Are we actually seeing what we saw with the last Congress? Where Democratic (Congressional Representatives) now have to run and hide from their Democratic constituents because they are selling us out… the way Republican Congressmen sold out their constituents? And what a surprise… they all get money from the same people.

Sell the house. Sell the kids. We have to pay our health insurance corporation to bankrupt America.

Things are getting awkward with Rep. Brad Schneider RE: Medicare For All

I have had a respectful, friendly, and collaborative relationship with my Congressman, but I am frustrated by his political double-talk about healthcare. Tens of thousands of Americans are dying or going bankrupt from a healthcare establishment that puts corporate profits ahead of the health and general welfare of the nation. Too many political elites in the democratic party are protecting a greedy and inefficient for-profit private health insurance industry. Our Revolution is challenging all of them with a simple question: “Are you for Medicare for All or are you on the side of Big Pharma and the insurance industry?” Brad is trying to stand for “Healthcare as a human right” while obstructing the plan to make sure that’s not an empty slogan.

Brad Talking On Both Sides of the Room
Colleen from Our Revolution Buffalo Grove asks Rep. Brad Schneider: What will it take just to get #MedicareForAll out of the Ways and Means Committee.
Tom from Our Revolution Lake County talks to Nancy about #MedicareForAll

Members of Our Revolution Lake County previously met Rep. Schneider to discuss Medicare For All. He frequently says, “The perfect should not be the enemy of the good.” When it comes to Medicare For All, he holds a different standard. He uses progressive slogans and says he has no sacred cows, but he does not offer an alternative plan that allows access and quality healthcare without continuing to bankrupt the American people. His opposition is reminiscent of the Republican opposition to Obamacare. He offers previously debunked criticism and fails to explain how he can lead us to a better path.

‘Democrats Against Medicare for All Make Me Sick’: Steny Hoyer First Target of National Emergency Ambulance Tour

Published on Thursday, May 30, 2019 by Common Dreams

“Each day House Democrats fail to lead, lives are lost… This is an emergency campaign to go after politicians who are unwilling to stand up for our basic human right to healthcare.”

by Jake Johnson

The tour kicked off Thursday in the Maryland district of House Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, who has yet to co-sponsor Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s Medicare for All legislation. (Photo: Our Revolution/Screengrab)

“Are you for Medicare for All or are you on the side of Big Pharma and the insurance industry?”

That is the fundamental question advocacy group Our Revolution intends to pose to Democratic lawmakers across the country with its nationwide “Medicare for All Emergency Ambulance Tour,” which launched Thursday with the goal of pressuring members of the House majority to support Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s single-payer legislation.

“It is morally unacceptable for the Democratic House majority to stand by and do nothing as Americans needlessly die and families fall into despair.” 
—Joseph Geevarghese, Our Revolution

To underscore the life-or-death urgency of passing Medicare for All, Our Revolution members plan to drive an ambulance to the home offices of House Democrats who have yet to sign on to Jayapal’s Medicare for All Act of 2019.

The nationwide tour kicked off Thursday in the Maryland district of House Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, a long-time opponent of single-payer.

“Each day House Democrats fail to lead, lives are lost,” Joseph Geevarghese, national director of Our Revolution, said in a statement. “It is morally unacceptable for the Democratic House majority to stand by and do nothing as Americans needlessly die and families fall into despair.”

“The truth is Medicare for All is a progressive litmus test—either you’re on the side of the sick and the suffering or you’re with corporate healthcare CEOs,” said Geevarghese.

Speaking at the launch event on Thursday, Dr. Laura Kaplan—a member of Our Revolution Maryland—urged Hoyer to join his fellow Maryland Reps. Jamie Raskin, John Sarbanes, and Elijah Cummings in supporting the Medicare for All Act of 2019.

“It is important to remember that we did not arrive at our current healthcare payment system for moral, ethical, or inevitable economic reasons,” Kaplan said while standing in front of a sign that read “Democrats Against Medicare for All Make Me Sick.”

“As a medical doctor,” Kaplan said, “my prescription for our nation is universal healthcare.”

Watch the Maryland event:

The Medicare for All ambulance is expected to travel to Texas, Wisconsin, and other states before a final event at the first Democratic presidential debate in Miami, Florida, on June 26 and 27.

“This is no ordinary road trip—this is an emergency campaign to go after politicians who are unwilling to stand up for our basic human right to healthcare,” Geevarghese wrote in an email to supporters on Wednesday. “It is time to hold Democrats—like Steny Hoyer—accountable.”

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