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Trolling Congressional DEMS to save lives and livelihoods: Behind The Scenes on the National Emergency Ambulance Tour #MedicareForAll

Editor’s Note: an earlier version of the blog listed an incorrect text number. Please re-post this corrected version early and often to help correct that and get the word out.

Text “M4A” to 83-224 to support Medicare For All


Thursday morning in the LOOP. Our Revolution and Refuse Fascism share a rally outside a $1000 pr plate fundraiser for Rep. Dan Lipinski (IL-3). Our Revolution is promoting Medicare For All and protesting Democratic party efforts to block progressive primary campaigns against corporate conservative incumbents. Later in the afternoon, after the #MedicareForAll National Emergency Ambulance visited Rep. Mike Quigley (IL-5), Our Revolution received parlay invites from Quigley, Rep. Lauren Underwood (IL-14) and Rep. Bill Foster (IL-11).

It was around 10 pm Wednesday night that Our Revolution activist Colleen LaVigne asked me what time she needed to leave to arrive on time for a Thursday morning rally and protest outside a fundraiser for Rep. Dan Lipinski. My wife Lisa had the answer for her. “Now,” she said.

Chicago is funny that way. Distance is irrelevant. Time is everything. Depending on time of day or luck of the draw, that projected 15 minute ride might take hours. If you’re running into unexpected construction or an accident, it’s bad. If you run into both, forget about it. Get a room and try again tomorrow.

Such predicaments can deter even the most experienced Chicago drivers, but with so much at stake, the National Emergency Ambulance Tour had to forge ahead to Help Our Congress Help Us by sharing facts they continue to ignore. Rep. Lipinski was perhaps too busy counting his money from a $1000 pr plate fundraiser to join us. Besides, he might be over-confident because of a Democratic party blacklist threat against any vendors that would help a pro-choice, pro-Medicare-For-All challenger against him.

Other Democrats targeted on the tour chose not to remain ignorant. Three democratic legislators in the Illinois contingent are meeting with Our Revolution to take a longer look at the facts concerning #MedicareForAll.

Joseph Geevarghese, Our Revolution national director, delivers a pointed message and exhorts the live stream audience to text “M4A” to 83-224.

Joseph Geevarghese kicks off the rally outside the Lipinski fundraiser
A Message for Rep. Dan Lipinski (IL-3)
Kerri Barber – Our Revolution McHenry – talks about the economic impact of Medicare For All
Linda Horn from Refuse Fascism – Chicago and Richard Rodriguez
Text “M4A” to 83-224 – Our Revolution
The Closer – The Cubs could have used Joseph earlier in the season. He is bringing the heat.

Next stop: Northside!

Reality TV on Facebook: The National Emergency Ambulance Tour visits the north side of Chicago. Rep. Mike Quigley’s chief of staff set up a meeting for the Congressman to further discuss #MedicareForAll

Medicare For All DAY OF ACTION IN CHICAGO -SATURDAY – Blue Cross Blue Shield Building – RALLY – MARCH – Die-In – PROTEST THE AMA

Join Our Revolution, Illinois Single Payer Coalition, Physicians For National Healthcare Program, Jane Addams Senior Caucus, National Nurses United and several other groups for a #MedicareForAll Day of Action in Chicago.

SATURDAY June 8, 2019 NOON RALLY Blue Cross Blue Shield Building 300 E. Randolph (north end of Millennium Park along E. Randolph Street at the NE corner of Randolph and Columbus Dr.)

Speakers at 1:30 followed by a MARCH (there’s an ADA complaint vehicle for those who can’t) to the Hyatt Regency Chicago where the American Medical Association is hosting its annual meeting. 

During the MARCH to the PROTEST there will be a DIE-IN representing those who have died due to lack of healthcare. The AMA opposed Medicare before its inception in 1965 and continues to obstruct single payer healthcare. Last year the AMA in a coalition with insurance and pharmaceutical companies formed Partnership For America’s Healthcare Future. They spend millions to lobby against Medicare For All/Single Payer to defend our inefficient for-profit system that is bankrupting families and businesses and results in lack of healthcare or death for tens of thousands of Americans.

Saturday June 8, 2019 3 PM The National Emergency Ambulance rushes out to visit Rep. Underwood at 3S 101 Rockwell St. Warrenville, IL

Yay, Democrats, but F the DCCC and DNC. #MedicareForAll #PartyOfBotterman

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Adam’s random thoughts on DCCC, 2019 Patrick Botterman Award Breakfast, and #MedicareForAll. Plus, Lisa on #MedicareForAll
Piss DCCC – image from last night’s deleted tweet. I meant what I said but didn’t want to slam the DCCC the same day the DEM HOUSE did some good work.
Rep. Jan Schakowsky IL-9 and Lisa
Jan and Lisa
Rock star in his own mind Adam Broad with True Rock Star Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

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