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Coffee Talk #Broadsheet #Broadcast

Coffee Talk #Broadsheet #Broadcast

There’s this mythos that the left wing controls the media… Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, that’s not the far left. It is in a bizarro world where you have a President like you have now… we’re living in a rightwing madhouse where these corporate conservative people are the far left.

More nonsense. More craziness. It becomes normal in a sort of way. Like the way racism is normalized to the point where we don’t even see it.

RICHARDSON! calls in! TIGER WON? Are you kidding? I thought Ex-Cub, ex-White Sox Bobby Molinaro was going to win that thing!

Fun Facts: The GOP was formed in 1854. Lincoln campaigned for Republican candidates to the Illinois General Assembly in 1858 seeking an appointment to the US Senate.

RE: Our 41st President

A lot of complicated and conflicted thoughts on the passing of our 41st President, George Herbert Walker Bush. I have been a virulent critic of him and his family. Yet, though I still maintain some of his policies and actions had virulent results, I suspect his road was paved by good intentions and that he tried to do the right thing, believed he was doing the right thing. If the President intentionally or unintentionally paved a path to hell, I cannot judge his chance for divine redemption. All I know is that I was a bitter political opponent and that some of my opposition was righteous and justified and some of it was not. I might be unintentionally paving my own path to hell in the vanity of my righteousness. The only thing I know for sure is that I will not be the ultimate judge of him, me, or any person.
Because I was public and in print with my criticism while he was in office, despite remaining confidence in some of my views, I feel a need to be public about a few retractions, a few omissions, and a few apologies. I intend for this to happen at a more appropriate time. Right now I just want to respect that a family is grieving a loss. If some small bit of basic respect from an unlikely source can bring any degree of comfort to the family, anyone that cares about them, or the unity of our nation, this can be the start of an amends to my own wrongness in the bitter divisions that plague us. I am using the Christian way of spelling the name of the deity to address the grief of a Christian family and do not do this as disrespect to my own faith. God bless those who grieve and God bless the United States of America.

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